2020 Holiday Season

​This year has been so different for many of us. I hope I can bring some light and color into your homes with my 2020 Holiday Collection. Since you won't find me at many Holiday Markets this season you can order directly from me by calling, texting 802 373 8771, or sending an email to


​I invite you to take a look at my work, browse through the pictures and get in contact with me if you would like to make a purchase. Most ornaments on my website are one of a kind, however there are a few where I have multiples with similar designs if you prefer that.

Ornaments: Price range $10 - $18.-

Coasters: $40.- for a set of 4, $20.- for a set of 2, singles are $10.-

Votives: $12.- for small votive candle holders, $15.- for large candle holders, $18.- with embellishments.

Small Bowls (5 - 6 inches in diameter): Price range $35.- to $45.-






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